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Discover the Future of Voting with Coin Parliament's Vote to Earn!

Welcome to the world of Coin Parliament, where your knowledge of cryptocurrency can turn into exciting rewards. Introducing our innovative Vote to Earn (VTE) system – a unique, engaging way to predict market trends and earn valuable prizes. Let’s dive into how it works and why you should join today.

What is Vote to Earn?

Vote to Earn (VTE) is a cutting-edge social game designed for crypto enthusiasts like you. Your participation not only enhances your understanding of the crypto market but also rewards you with digital assets that hold real value.

How Does It Work?

  1. Voting and Predicting:

  • Each game session, you cast votes predicting whether the price of selected cryptocurrencies or pairs will rise or fall.

  • Your votes contribute to your progress in the Coin Mining Process (CMP), simulating a "mining" operation.

  1. Coin Mining Process (CMP):

  • Every vote you cast increases your CMP score.

  • When your CMP score reaches 100, a block is completed, earning you exciting rewards.

What Do You Earn?

  1. VTE Game Tokens:

  • For every completed block, you receive VTE game tokens.

  • These tokens can be used within the game to purchase merchandise, unlock additional features, and trade for collectible cards.

  • Enjoy the benefits of VTE tokens even if you don’t upgrade your account.

  1. Collectible Cards:

  • Earn unique cards featuring renowned cryptocurrencies, historical events, and iconic figures.

  • Complete sets and albums to earn additional rewards and showcase your collection within the community.

Why Upgrade to a Full Mining Account?

Upgrading your account unlocks even more benefits:

  1. PAX Token Mining:

  • With a Full Mining Account, every vote contributes to minting PAX tokens, which have real market value and are based on the BNB Chain.

  • Upon completing 100 CMP, PAX tokens are distributed directly to your crypto wallet.

  1. Decentralized Collectibles and Lifetime Royalties:

  • Upgrading converts your collectible cards into decentralized assets, making them tradable on external markets.

  • As the first owner of these cards, you are eligible for lifetime royalties, receiving 50% of the total royalty amount from every future transaction involving your cards, directly to your wallet.

  1. Enhanced Use of VTE Game Coins:

  • Your upgraded account allows you to unlock additional features and purchase exclusive merchandise using VTE game coins.

Maximize Your Rewards:

  • Real Market Value: Earn PAX tokens with real market value, providing tangible benefits for your participation.

  • Decentralized Collectibles: Trade your collectible cards on external markets, offering flexibility and potential profit.

  • Lifetime Earnings: Enjoy continuous earnings from the lifetime royalties of your collectible cards.

Don’t miss out on this innovative and rewarding opportunity. Sign up for Coin Parliament and start predicting market trends to earn valuable rewards. Upgrade to a Full Mining Account to maximize your benefits and enjoy the full potential of your Vote to Earn experience.

Thank you for exploring Coin Parliament. We look forward to seeing you in the game and witnessing your success. Happy voting and earning!

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