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Coin Parliament: Leading the Charge in the Vote to Earn Revolution

Coin Parliament is emerging as a key player in the rapidly growing Vote to Earn (V2E) ecosystem. This innovative platform offers users a unique way to engage with the crypto world by participating in community-driven voting. As more members join and the platform continues to expand, the appeal of upgrading to a Full Mining Account to mint PAX BEP20 tokens becomes increasingly clear. This article delves into what makes Coin Parliament special, its growth trajectory, and the benefits of upgrading.

What is Coin Parliament?

Coin Parliament is a social game that combines cryptocurrency, community engagement, and gamification. Unlike traditional financial platforms, Coin Parliament requires no money deposits or KYC procedures. Instead, users vote on the price movements of various cryptocurrencies and pairs. Each vote contributes to the Coin Mining Process (CMP), and upon completing 100 CMP, a block is created, leading to the distribution of rewards.

Rapid Growth and Popularity

Coin Parliament's unique blend of elements has struck a chord with a diverse audience. The platform’s growth can be attributed to its engaging gameplay, the potential for financial rewards, and the sense of community it fosters. As more users join, the platform's collective intelligence improves, enhancing the accuracy and value of the voting outcomes.

This growing user base not only increases the volume of votes but also diversifies the perspectives, making the results more comprehensive and valuable. This dynamic is a crucial factor in Coin Parliament's rising popularity.

Why Upgrade to a Full Mining Account?

Many members are choosing to upgrade their accounts to Full Mining Accounts, and here’s why:

  1. Early Minting of PAX BEP20 Tokens: PAX is a BEP20 token issued by PayperEx for all Vote to Earn platforms. Upgrading allows members to be among the first to mint these tokens directly to their crypto wallets. Early participants benefit from higher initial rewards, as the first blocks mined yield 50 PAX each. With a capped supply of 21,000,000 tokens, early adopters secure a more substantial share.

  2. Halving Mechanism: PAX mining includes a halving mechanism, reducing rewards by half every 210,000 blocks. Starting with 50 PAX per block, this reward will decrease to 25 PAX at block 210,001, and continue halving. This deflationary model, similar to Bitcoin, makes early participation more advantageous.

  3. Enhanced Rewards and Collectibles: Upgraded accounts not only receive PAX tokens but also convert card collections into decentralized assets tradable on external markets. These cards include lifetime royalties, allowing the first owner to earn a percentage from every future transaction involving their cards. This feature adds long-term value and passive income potential.

  4. Exclusive VTE Game Coins: Members with upgraded accounts receive VTE game coins, usable for various in-game transactions like purchasing merchandise and trading collectibles. This utility enriches the gaming experience and provides tangible benefits within the Coin Parliament ecosystem.

The PAX BEP20 Token Mining Mechanism

The Proof of Vote (PoV) mechanism drives PAX token mining. Each vote cast contributes to the CMP, and upon reaching 100 CMP, a block is completed. This ensures fairness and transparency, as each vote impacts the mining process. By participating in voting, members shape the platform's future and secure their share of PAX tokens.


Coin Parliament is revolutionizing the Vote to Earn landscape with its innovative approach, combining community engagement, gamification, and cryptocurrency rewards. As the platform grows, early adopters who upgrade their accounts stand to gain significantly by minting PAX BEP20 tokens and enjoying the numerous benefits of a Full Mining Account. With its unique proposition and compelling incentives, Coin Parliament is set to become a major force in the digital asset space, attracting both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. Join the revolution and shape the future of community-driven value creation.

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