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Vote To Earn (V2E)

Have you ever wondered about how to earn while enjoying immersive experiences in the crypto world? This time, not by selling NFTs or trading FUTURES. You see, we are in an advanced world where you cannot predict what emerges next or does not. In fact, this is obvious in major sectors across the globe including sports, entertainment, gaming, and production.


Notably, the WEB.3 space is one of those various developments and it is currently onboarding several projects. Among the projects are WEB.3 games which are usually branded as play-to-earn (P2E) games, which have greatly influenced the traditional gaming scene.


However, change is inevitable. As such, WEB.3 users need more engaging projects in which they can own their experiences, and get rewards. And that is where the new vote to earn model comes in.


What Does Vote to Earn Have to Offer?

In today’s digitalized world, there are quite many interesting perks in the WEB.3 space, arising from the introduction of new projects. In the same vein, VoteToEarn (V2E) is one of these new developments. The model works in a way that allows all users to contribute to topics without restrictions.


As the name implies, VoteToEarn (V2E) allows users to communicate and share their views from any part of the world by voting. It is as easy as that. No other tasks are needed other than making your voice heard.


Also, the world has advanced to a point where privacy is highly valued. Not only that but views are now respected. That is exactly why VoteToEarn (V2E) was developed – to create a world where your opinions are respected. An ecosystem where your ideas count.


V2E and You

According to an estimate, about 70% of the world’s population wants to work and earn in the comfort of their homes. By any chance, if you are in this category, VoteToEarn (V2E) can come in handy.


Unlike some other models, the vote to earn ecosystem is not an autocratic one. So, you will be able to interact with other users, while voting on common subjects. Simply put, V2E makes it easy for users to exercise their freedom of expression.


Now the question is: is it really worth your time?


Of course, it does! You might also want to ask: “I am into P2E games, is there any need for V2E?” As mentioned earlier, V2E is a democratic type of model in which opinions are respected. Unlike P2E games in which most of their developers do not get the games right, VoteToEarn (V2E) helps to proffer solutions.


The Advent of the Social Voting Indicator (SVI)

As mentioned earlier, the vote to earn model is the latest innovation in the world of WEB.3. It allows you to play important roles in your community. Your roles can range from analyzing voting procedures to picking a side during a voting process. Interestingly, there are various benefits associated with signing up with the V2E platform including exclusive access to the platform’s Social Voting Indicator (SVI).


With a scale ranging from 0 to 100, the Social Voting Indicator (SVI) functions as a means by which you can know happenings during voting. Notably, it is the world’s first social voting indicator. But how does it work?


Using a digital asset that is on a buy/sell scale as an example, readings above 50 imply “BULL,” which means that there is a high tendency for the asset’s purchase. Similarly, all readings below 50 indicate “BEAR,” meaning that there is a high tendency for the asset to be sold by many people.


For sports lovers, a good example is that of an upcoming Champions League clash between Real Madrid and Paris-Saint German (PSG). In this case, you are at liberty to vote for any club of your choice. So, on the Social Voting Indicator (SVI), readings that are above 50 indicate that more voters are in support of Real Madrid. Having a stable reading of 50 means that both clubs attracted equal votes. Additionally, when the SVI reads below 50, it means a larger percentage of the votes is in favor of PSG.


From the aforementioned examples, it can be deduced that vote to earn helps you to become a careful decision-maker and an earner at the same time. This way, you can earn coins from your votes and even cash them out. Coins earned can be swapped, sold, or can be kept in crypto wallets for future purposes.


V2E’s Operational Techniques

The vote to earn model is similar to cryptocurrency mining where you mine coins for various purposes like holding and staking. Notably, crypto mining pays off with time, energy, and adequate resources. However, in the case of VoteToEarn (V2E), your votes are your resources and with them, the mining process can thrive successfully. However, in this case, the more you vote, the more the mining rate increases.


Furthermore, the social token present in the VoteToEarn (V2E) system is the PAX (BEP20) token. It is V2E’s native currency and as of now, there are about 21 million tokens in the system which can be mined and circulated on the platform.


The Reward System

All your votes on the platform contribute to your Coin Mining Process (CMP). It is noteworthy that the CMP relies on parameters like the miner’s type and voting effects on the social voting indicator. Also, per 100 CMP, a block is marked as proof of voting via signing. Afterward, the reward for the block is distributed accordingly.


Also, the rewards of the native token of the V2E are reduced by half every 210,000 blocks. This means that in your first mining, you will get 50 PAX. Moving on, you will get 25 PAX in block number 210,001. Additionally, after hitting block number 420,000, you will earn 12.5 PAX and it goes on in that order.


Introducing Coin Parliament

The digital space is fast advancing and several platforms are adopting WEB.3 technology. Similarly, in the VoteToEarn (V2E) space, there are platforms where you can earn while airing your opinions. Among them, we have CoinParliament.


Currently, it is one of many V2E platforms that offer simple and reliable processes when it comes to voting. The platform gives players the freedom due to vote which improves critical thinking, decision-making, and smart investment skills.

CoinParliament allows you to view profiles of other voters in the community (or parliament). Also, the platform updates every voter’s profile through various parameters including voting volume, time frame, and rate of voting success.


Pool Mining

One of the ways by which you can earn passively on CoinParliament is through referrals. And doing that has been simplified by social media. Notably, about 59.3% of the world’s population uses social media, which makes it a great avenue for you to earn.


By inviting your friends over to the platform, you increase the activities in your pool mining. As such, whenever friends join your mining pool and they vote, their votes will increase your mining rate. Also, you can invite your friends through various social media handles, enjoy increased CMPs, and increase your earnings.



Not only is VoteToEarn (V2E) based on earning rewards, but it is also focused on offering unique experiences like the feels and thrills attached to voting and results. Through VoteToEarn (V2E), you will also get to relate with a big community of like-minded personalities. By doing so, you can create healthy connections, leverage insights, and enjoy an atmosphere where it is a win for all. Considering the upsides and potentials, it pays to join VoteToEarn (V2E) today.


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